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Our Story

We're just a coupla dudes on a mission to make tasty barbecue who happen to have some fine dining chops.

Who We Are

Hello, Montclair!

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Party Time. Excellent.

Got an event coming up? Big or small, our place or yours, we've got options.


Come On Down

We are a counter service, order at the window and seat yourself operation with a full bar (with beer, wine, booze and seating), plentiful tables and outdoor space - we do not take reservations. 

You can, however, book a pre-paid table for up to 8 guests for a set minimum price of $185.** Select from three different food menus and pay for drinks as you go. A set menu and advance payment for food is required.* Your reservation is not confirmed until advance payment is received.

**Max. 3 tables allowed for pre-booking, up to 24 guests.
*If you'd rather order off the menu, no problem - walk on in! Sorry, we are not able to take reservations outside of the above set menu / pre-payment parameters - thank you for understanding.

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